Cancer Treatment, Therapies and Nursing

Earlier treatments focused on surgical techniques for removing tumors. The 1900s marked the beginning of Radiation therapy and Chemotherapeutics which were later refined throughout the 20th century. These non-surgical methods include Medical, Clinical and Radiation Oncology.

Emerging topics in cancer treatment research include:

  • Anti-cancer vaccines
  • Newer forms of chemotherapy
  • Gene therapy
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Reoviridae (Reolysin drug therapy)
  • Targeted therapy
  • Natural killer cells can induce immunological memory

Oncology nursing care is an important aspect in the treatment of cancer which meets the various needs of oncology patients including appropriate screenings, preventive practices, symptom management, and care to maintain as much normal functioning as possible, and supportive measures upon the end of life.

Oncology nurses can work in hospitals, hospice services, or in physician offices in a variety of specialties such as radiation, surgery, paediatric, or gynaecologic. Oncology nurses have advanced knowledge of assessing the client’s status which helps the multi-disciplinary medical team to develop a treatment plan.

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